Wednesday, January 20, 2010

small chunks

I like things in small chunks. I feel like I can handle them better. When I am pregnant, I always divide even the trimesters up into smaller chunks. I remember when I was pregnant with Will I even made a chart I would color. Yeah, that's me.

So today I did day 5. That is half way through level 1 on the Sh*red. Now, they have 3 levels (hence the 30 days) but I like looking at it this way. Sounds better than I am on day 5 of 30!! So far so good. It is still hard and I worked out at 9 pm last night, but I am still doing it! Tomorrow is my week one weigh in at school. Little nervous about that one. Still looking for a better eating plan.

On to other news...when I was growing up, my dad would always say to me "I hope you have a child just like you." And I hardly think he meant my GPA or love of reading. So, I am trying to find something and I ask Rachel to please go get her sister a toy as she was fussing. No answer. So I request a little louder. Rachel is ignoring me. First, this takes a second to register. Then I pull out the middle name and tell her I am about to call her father. *side note- what is up with the fear of daddy. He just has to say her name and she listens??* Anyhow, she looks at me and says with hands on hips "fine, MU-TH-ER." Are you kidding me? At 4. She was on the time out chair for a trip. But oh she is so much like me. Only cuter. So this could be trouble. Like she was leaving daycare the other day and a BOY yelled "bye Rachel I love you." And she smiles and waves. I said "who was that?" She shruggs. "I don't know." Now, that she doesn't get from me, but goodness.

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