Monday, January 25, 2010

promise me forever

William walked into the room with a glass of milk. Since I was the only one home I asked him where he got the milk? He answers "well, ya know mom, I am almost 6." Then I just stare at him. "Oh no, no, no. Not 6. I have dealt with kindergarten and the school bus but you are not turning 6. Pinky promise me you will stay 5 forever." And Will answers with his always answer. "I don't know about that one." I fake pout and Will said "Mommy, what if I pinky promise that I will love you forever?" And with that I saw him at 16. A grown-up little man. And me reminding him that he promised that he will love me forever. He is my first one. The one who made me a mother. And I guess he can turn 6 soon if he promises to love me forever.

So.....with Rachel. Tonight I asked her to get me a spoon and she of course ignored me. Luke said "I get you one mommy." Again, why I love my boys. I said thanks Luke. No thanks Rachel. And she says to me, " I only listen to my best friend Dad." And doesn't THAT just say it all.

I finished level 1 today. I move to level 2 tomorrow in the Getting frustrated. Feel like I am not making much progress. Sigh... Hopefully things improve.

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