Friday, August 31, 2012

camping part 3

Here as promised....Demi Family camping part 3. Weekend before school starts!
Daddy and Bella taking a little break. Daddy had all of the kids while Mommy was at work (in service). He was tuckered out.

My baby loving camp

Rachel and I hanging out of the best pictures ever

looking out the window in the camper

Our silly face


here is my tough guy

hanging out on the bike

All of my babies!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

first days

“I think that the best thing we can do for our children is to allow them to do things for themselves, allow them to be strong, allow them to experience life on their own terms, allow them to take the subway...let them be better people, let them believe more in themselves.”
― C. JoyBell C.
     Ya think it would get easier. But each year they keep getting OLDER. The nerve of these kids. They were all really excited for the first day of school. Will is now in third grade. Which mean he heads upstairs at the school. I asked him if he wanted to walk down the hall with us and then circle back. He said "no I am ok. I just go up." Yes...but I am not ok! Luke and Rachel love their teachers so they skipped in their classrooms as well. Which is of course much better than peeling them off of me.
     Seeing them go is always so bitter sweet. Hard to say goodbye to the refreshing days of summer. When bedtimes and wake up times are flexible. Where our schedule is way more laid back. But I also do love to watch them grow. I am so proud of the little people they are becoming.
     Luke said he "was awesomely good" all day. Rachel was the princess who a group of children were trying to save on the playground. Will brought home his book bag, folder, and his lunch box. So I declare day one a success.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Like a burnt marshmallow

Sometimes life is a lot like a burnt marshmallow...

There you are just doing your thing...not paying much attention...not looking at the important things and then..
Oh man.
Burnt marshmallow. Now what? Ya messed that up...
Every once in awhile someone comes to save the day. To tell you there are more marshmallows in the bag. Don't cry over one burnt mallow.
It is even nicer when they offer to help you reach your goal. 
Unless they then try and eat the marshmallow themselves.
Then you may have to re-evaluate the friendship
Nothing like a toasty brown treat.
Or a redo when things don't quite go as planned. Thank God for redos and those who help us see we got 'em.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The ninjas did it

Today during dinner I broke the news to my kids. I said those dreaded words. "Tomorrow you all have to get up early." Chorus of moans and whys surround the table.

Scott- "Because mommy has to start back to work tomorrow and I have work too. And in a week you guys will all be in school"
Bella- *with look of horror on her face* "No school for me!"
Theresa- "No school for you."
Will- "ya know I have been thinking, I am going to try and clean out my desk once a week this year. Cause last year it was a big mess. And actually the year before that and the year before that."
Theresa- "maybe you could actually keep track of your books. Instead of swearing to me that  you brought them home and then you finding them lost in your desk a week later."
Will- "No, my friends would find my lost books in THEIR desks."
Theresa - "How do you suppose that happened"?
Will- "Sneaky Ninjas came into the school in the middle of the night and put my books in their desks."
Theresa- "So..not that you aren't paying attention and you accidentally stuck your books in their desks?"
Will- "No definitely sneaky ninjas."
Theresa- "Makes perfect sense..."

Tomorrow is my first day of in-service. First day of a new year. Here is to a fresh, ninja-free start back.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Now I see

John chapter 9

He was blind from birth and declared steeped in sin. His sin or his parents, no one knew. But this everyone knew...his fate was to sit and beg for help. He couldn't work and couldn't fend for himself. His existence lonely and lost. One day he heard a voice. An unfamiliar voice. Perhaps this stranger would help. Give him some food or money. Or even some conversation so he would know he wasn't just part of the city wall. He heard the stranger say "but this has happened so the work of God might be displayed in his life." vs 3

Then the stranger touched him. Covered his eyes in spit covered mud. He was told to go wash off his mud. After the final drops fell from his lashes, he looked up. He "came home seeing." vs7

Surely those who knew this man would rejoice in his miracle. Celebrations or dinners. Something would have to be done to commemorate this day. Indeed. A date with the religious leaders of the time. Not big fans of this stranger called Jesus, they wanted to know if this man was truly blind from birth. Perhaps he was faking. Perhaps this was some other man. If all else failed, can you believe this miracle worker has the nerve to heal on the Sabbath?

Twice they question the now seeing blind man about what had happened. Twice he tells his story. Frustrated the leaders declare this "miracle man" a sinner. I imagine the smirk that crosses the now radiant face. "He replied, whether he is a sinner or not I don't know. One thing I do know, I was blind but now I see." vs. 25

I don't claim to have all the answers (stop laughing Scott). Okay, maybe I sometimes claim to have most of the answers..cause frankly there is a right and wrong way to do certain things. This time I am talking about things of faith. I can't tell you how they put the bible together or who did what. I can't argue theology with the best of them. I don't know all the whys and hows and I am ok with that. I also won't give you fake answers to things I just frankly don't know. "I’d rather live with a good question than a bad answer" —Aryeh Frimer

But this I know. I little over 16 years ago I felt lost. I felt alone. This wasn't because I didn't have the best family and a solid background in the church. This wasn't because my mama hadn't been praying for me and teaching me about Jesus's love since I took that first breath. I felt this way because I hadn't met HIM.

And one summer evening, in a small stuffy chapel, I heard someone ask if I wanted to hope. If I wanted to be loved forever, unconditionally, and completely. Faults and all-right where I stood. I did. Boy, did I ever. I closed my eyes, and I met HIM. After that prayer-that time when I met HIM- I remembered opening my eyes and really thinking I saw things differently. Things seemed brighter and different.

I can't don't know his name in many different languages. I can't trace his linage back to the beginning. But I realized that now, I have known Him in my life longer than I was without Him. I won't argue theology or the rest, but I can tell you what I know.

I know that when things seem dark and bleak, He stands beside me. How many times, have I prayed for peace to be given that and more? I know that in times of joy, He rejoices with me. I have felt his prescence over me. I know that I never feel hopeless or abandoned. Even when all men fail, I have one who never falls.

All I can tell you is "I was blind, but now I see."

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

shopping we will go

We went to walmart today. Which isn't really news or anything. But it was interesting. I am not a fan of shopping. For anything really. Especially at a store where I swear I should just hand them my paycheck. But I decided to buy a baby monitor, and we needed formula. Don't forget the bubble bath, new flip flops for Will (the gorilla tape used to "fix" them broke), and a couple other odds and ends.

Getting ready to leave the house is always so much fun. First off, I knew I had to feed the kids. Or they would be begging for fast food and blah. So we decided on cereal. Which went pretty good. I only had to argue with Luke why I was allowed coffee and not him. Also, Luke and Bella have been playing what they call the cereal game. They both half way finish their cereal and then switch. Disgusting if you ask me, but I guess that is why they don't ask me. Load them all up and try to head out the door. I was carrying the diaper bag and Will's football bag. Rachel looks around and goes screeching back into the house. "You forgot baby NIck. Noooo mommy!" "No I did not," I tried to reason with her. I was coming back for him. But really it is a good thing she stays on top of that stuff, cause ya never know..... I seriously do a head count in the van. Can't always remember names but I got the number 5 down!

When Scott is with me the cart thing is much easier. Two carts. Nick up front with me and Bell up front with him. Usually Luke in the back. Rachel usually ends up in the back of the other. Will complaining loudly as to why HE can't be pushed in a cart. However, with just me, we do things a little different. Nick up front, Bella in the back. Three oldest allowed to roam free. First we head to baby land where my kids ooh and awe over all the cute stuff. Then they begin to fill my cart with baby food. The only reason I noticed was because Will brought over a jar of carrots and asked if Nick likes carrots. After taking all of the food out of the cart, I tried to explain that Nick is not ready for that yet. To which Luke asks "How do you know what Nick is ready for?" "Because I am the mom and I know everything. This isn't my first rodeo." He laughs at me. Luke always laughs at me when I act like I know what I am talking about.

Then we head to the shampoo aisles. Of course they all want a different character body wash and shampoo. I just get one of each. We run through that stuff like water anyway. An older woman walked up to us and said "are these children all yours?" "Yep, all of them." She replied with "Congratulations. They are all so beautiful." Which was wonderful of her to say as two of them were wrestling over monkey body wash.

Then we head to the shoe section. If ever I need something fun to do with my kids I should just take them to the shoe section. Will got a pair of flip flops while the kids were thrilled with the slippers and rain boots. "Can we please, pretty please get these slippers?" "The physical appearance of the please makes no difference." **LOVE Despicable Me**

Then the power went out. Yep. Will begin to flip. "Is there a storm?" "No, the sun is shining through the ceiling." "You are so lying to me." "" And then it was like a code red. Walmart employees were running around telling people to hurry and get to the checkout because backup (electricity I presume) would only last so long. You can bet if I brushed my hair, got 5 kids ready, and toured this store-we were paying for our stuff before lock down. Guess everyone else said that too. People were running to the check out. But we did make it. Got everything in the van. Then Luke yells from the back of the van he needs new shoes because his just broke. William called him out and said he broke them on purpose. Wrestling in back of van ensues. trips.

Another quote from Despicable Me (if you have not seen it- it is a MUST!)
Gru: Clearly we need to set a few rules. Rule number one: You will not touch anything.

Margo: Aha. What about the floor?
Gru: Yes, you may touch the floor
Margo: What about the air?
Gru: Yes, you may touch the air.
Edith: What about this?
[Holds a ray gun on her hands, the laser sight aimed right at Gru]
Gru: Ah! Where did you get that?
Edith: Found it.
[Gru takes it away from her]
Gru: Rule number two: You will not bother me while I'm working. Rule number three: You will not cry, or whine, or laugh, or giggle, or sneeze or barf or fart! So no, no, no annoying sounds. All right?

Monday, August 13, 2012

a rough one

Can I share with you a secret? Having five kids is hard. Really hard. But then was having 4 and before that 3. That two really got me and let's not forget how terrible I felt after that first. I seriously cried because I knew he was going to be an only child. I also cried because I wondered if I would ever watch CSI uninterrupted again, if I would ever sleep more than 20 minutes at a time again, if I would ever have this growing ball of anxiety lifted get the idea.
Now, before I get jumped all over, I know how blessed I am. Hands full? Absolutely. Heart overflowing? Couldn't be more true. And I KNOW I choose to have all of these little lifesucking angels. Each one of them is the best thing about me. And I know it.
Humor me for a minute.
Today was rough. Nicholas, treasure #5, is almost 7 weeks old. Not a good sleeper. So I live in a world of foggy reality. Today I had to get all 5 plus me out to soccer practice. Which means the two oldest ones had to have practice clothes on (I made Rachel change out of her neon green skirt and Will out of his long sleeve shirt), cleats, shin guards, soccer balls, soccer socks, and drinks. The three little ones had to be presentable (Luke had to change out of his dress shirt and Bella out of her dress---don't ask). Then I had to pack the diaper bag. If you ever traveled out of the house with a newborn, you know what I am saying. OK- all ready (FINALLY) and now to the field. Did I mention that they practice on two very opposite fields? So I strap on the baby carrier and walk back and forth between practices. Meanwhile bouncing fussy baby, taking small ones to bathroom, and watching 3&4 roll down an awfully steep hill. But it is keeping them busy, what can I say?
Did I mention twice I had a huge spider crawl on me? Oldest was at the swamp field. Then I remembered that Luke is also in soccer. Will is in football too and Rachel is signed up for cheerleading. Not sure if all of this is going to fly, or is mama is not going to collapse in a heap.
Got home to eat quickly, bath everyone, and while getting night drinks ready Rachel asked what was wrong. "I am just really tired." "I bet you are glad it is bedtime!" "No, not really, cause Nick will be up. So I don't really get to sleep." *cue pity party* "That is why you had kids. Will can pick him up and we can take care of him. You can sleep." I smile and maybe tear up. Cause I love her. I do love them all so much. When days get hard, because they often do, it is nice to remember that I am blessed to be able to scoop spaghetti off the floor, wrap arms in ace bandages, put together my broken glasses, put away the bottomless basket of clothes, referee the choice for nighttime movie, and get to hear "this is my mommy" in a way that swells your heart.
It is all good. We will get through this.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Will-  "Bacon? YES Bacon!"
Me- "No, that is Bacon bits. You put it on salad."
Will- "What?? Why would anyone want to waste perfectly good bacon and put it on a salad. Oh the horror!"

Me- (to Luke when I see him with his hand stuck to his head) "What are you doing?"
Luke- "I was trying to see if my goo would stick to my hair."
Me- "Oh, yeah. And what did you find out?"
Luke- "It does."  He runs away...with goo stuck in his hair

Rachel on baby Nick
"Sometimes the baby is so cute and sometimes he is really annoying. Like when he is crying all the time. Like now..."

Driving home..
Luke- "Why did you let Daddy beat us home?"
Me- "Guess his truck is faster. But we are way cooler."
Luke- "You can't be cooler than Daddy. You don't even have a beard."
Me- "What does a beard have to do with it?"
Luke- "If  you have a beard you are cool. But that is ok mommy. I still love you."

Bella- "You want to kill Zombies?"
Me- "What?"
Bella- "You haffa get a knife and kill them in the belly."
Then she walks away....

Will- "If I ever have to make a last request meal, it is totally going to be a subway sandwich."

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Better is one day

How lovely is your dwelling place O' Lord Almighty!
My soul yearn, even faints for the courts of the Lord;
my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.

Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere;
I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.

O Lord Almighty
blessed is the man who trusts in you.

Psalm 84:1-2, 10, 12

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A little help from my friends

You want to know what I didn't like when I was a kid? Sleepovers You want to know what I hated as a kid? Up all nighters. Why? Cause I LOVE me some sleep. Love, love. Which is probably why I find the newborn scene so absolutely soul sucking difficult. Dramatic much? YES. Because my mind is mush, my eyes are burning, and I have a "no sleep" headache that is killing me.
As you know I have 5 wonderful children. So no I can't sleep when the baby sleeps. I also have mounds of laundry, people that need fed, things that need clean....and so on. Naps are about impossible.
Here is where you all come in. I ask for your experience and help. What have you done to encourage your child to sleep more than say 1 hour at a time? Where did they sleep? How did they sleep? What did they wear? What did you chant over them? Details people.
And a sidenote...don't tell me that your child didn't start sleeping until they were 5. I know. My oldest was/is a horrible sleeper. But we are going to pretend that was a fluke and this darling will sleep. And don't tell me my baby slept from the night they got home from the hospital. Again, I have heard this phenomenon from friends and am simply speechless.
What do you think all?
Who is sleepy? Not I said the baby

silly mortal! Try to trick me with your rocking motion, lights, and music. Don't you know I am aware this is not mom's arms and therefore I will not sleep?

Even the pillowy soft material that mom would drool all over if it covered HER bed will  not work! I will stand firm.

1:30 you say? The night is young!

Look, I can't be this cute and sleep too.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Camping Part 2

We like to "train our kids up in the way they should go" HA! Here is my 2 year old learning to hammer tent pegs. Don't worry. The others were carrying wood.
Now, they were calling for a monsoon like storm for our camping trip. Do we cancel? No! Do we go home? No! (ok for one night when they called for possible tornado yes)  We went to Walmart and bought card games to play under the canopy. What is a little flooding to us?

Girls hid in the camper with Nick.

We did come out eventually. Second camping trip and Nick is loving it! Well, he can't complain.

Of course, what is camp without ice cream.

See...he does like it.

Luke eating his mountain pie.

Will eating off of the world's longest marshmallow stick.

Bike rides were fun! Until Daddy's chain snapped and Rachel ran a hole through her back tire. Luke ran away on the bike ramps. But after that, everything was peachy.

Cause I never take a picture of these guys together.

I am awake. At the end of the trip Nick decided that he would only not scream if he was attached to me.My salvation was that my FIL (big Paul if you follow my pics) brought me hot wings. Love him.  If my baby here is faking you out with the whole sleeping like an angel bit-don't be fooled. He likes to be up, his mama- not so much.

And just in case you were wondering....yep- Camping part 3 in a few weeks. Cause we bought a camper people and we are going to get our money's worth. Even if it drowns or kills us.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

first days and dirt bikes

It was a big day for little man Luke! Today he had kindergarten camp. He at first told me he was not going to school today. I told he that was an excellent idea! Because the other kids were going to clean and I can always use more help clean. He promptly declared that he was going to school. It was only for two hours.

We pulled into the parking lot and got out. We walked hand in hand on the front sidewalk. I looked down at his huge smiling face. "How can you be in kindergarten," I asked. I felt my throat catch. Not in front of the child! "Luke, can I carry you and snuggle you one time before you start kindergarten?" He looks at me with that smile and those eyes and says "well, you can carry me but no snuggles!" We laughed.

We when got to sign in, Luke was hiding behind my leg. He got his cute hat and I bent down to tell him goodbye. "Still don't want to come home and help clean?" "No!" he laughed. "Be good." All of the other kids were standing on or at the foot of a staircase. My 5 year old dashed over and began to climb up the handrail. I sighed, waved, smiled, and left. I did see a teacher going over to "help" him down. good luck ya all!

After a very long two hours I went to get him. He jumped up and ran over to me. "School is awesome!" They played a game finding a raccoon, read the kissing hand, and of course had snack. He played with some new friends. No he doesn't know their names. But he also swears he never got in trouble. Score one for today! ;)

I liked this conversation we had on the way home...

Me- "So school was awesome today?"
Luke-"Mom, why don't you let Daddy buy me a dirt bike?" Love his line of thinking here...
Me- "What? Because they are dangerous and fast."
Luke- "Do they have brakes on them?"
Me- "Yes."
Luke- "You know..I know how to use brakes."
Luke- "You aren't going to let me get one are you?"
Me- "No."

One day of kindergarten and he is getting smarter and smarter! ;)