Monday, January 4, 2010

Blue Monday

Yesterday I was sad. Break was ending and I had to go back to work. And Scott was starting night shift and I felt lonely. I started to get everyone's stuff out. The night before work I always lay out the kids clothes for the next day, make sure all coats, hats, gloves are ready, all kids bathed, and ready for bed. Then we got a 2 hour delay which was nice. But when I got up in the morning, there was the sadness. I have always hated snow. Even as a kid. So the snow makes me feel depressed. Sort of like a blanket covering. Here I had to get my kids up and dressed. And go out in the cold. Then we struggled to even reach the van. Then I did my 3 different drop offs. Then off to school.

I shouldn't complain. I love my job. I really really do. I honestly would never want to do anything else. I feel I am good at it. I also stand firm in our decision to have me work. Different things work for different families. This works for us. The fact that my schedule follows my kids and I get all summer off is wonderful. I get a nice Christmas break. My income allows things like not worrying about heat and things.

Then I heard someone say today is called "Blue Monday." The day after the holidays were people tend to feel sad. And although I am not one to miss the holiday, I do miss hanging out with the kids. Playing wii and eating when we want. No schedule and just relaxing. A combination I think of the snow and going back.

So for tonight, I am going to put the kids in bed, make a cup of hot tea, and read a good book. Tomorrow is another day.

And for fun.....

Monday Review-
1. Believe the 4 year old when she says she is going to pee her pants
2. The first day back from break is rough for kindergartners (and their teacher!)
3. I am so thankful for heat...
4. 74 days until spring

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