Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well, that sucked

In keeping with my losing weight, today I decided to start my 30 day shred again. Scott headed to night shift and I thought that surely it wouldn't be as hard starting the second time around....Boy was I wrong. Again, day one and I wanted to die. Or cry. Or both. Before I started I thought I may also jump on the treadmill. Unless a miracle happens, that is out. My legs feel like jello.

In November I did the 30 day shred. I lose 5 pounds. In December, I didn't have time but I DID get an ulcer on my tongue which made it quite hard to eat/drink anything. I lost 7 pounds. UUmmm...if only we didn't have to eat huh? :)

On another note, it was so cold in this house this morning that my furnace couldn't even keep up. So Scott started a coal fire, but now he is at work. He told me to go upstairs and run all the electric heaters if it gets bad...ugh! With all the kids? I am not a fan of winter. at all!

On the blessing side of everything, Scott got to work safe and we have oil and coal. We are all healthy, and I can drink some hot tea. I have a job to go to tomorrow and the kids got warm new winter coats. Looks like we are quite blessed. See how I turned my complaining about winter into something positive. haha

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