Wednesday, August 1, 2012

first days and dirt bikes

It was a big day for little man Luke! Today he had kindergarten camp. He at first told me he was not going to school today. I told he that was an excellent idea! Because the other kids were going to clean and I can always use more help clean. He promptly declared that he was going to school. It was only for two hours.

We pulled into the parking lot and got out. We walked hand in hand on the front sidewalk. I looked down at his huge smiling face. "How can you be in kindergarten," I asked. I felt my throat catch. Not in front of the child! "Luke, can I carry you and snuggle you one time before you start kindergarten?" He looks at me with that smile and those eyes and says "well, you can carry me but no snuggles!" We laughed.

We when got to sign in, Luke was hiding behind my leg. He got his cute hat and I bent down to tell him goodbye. "Still don't want to come home and help clean?" "No!" he laughed. "Be good." All of the other kids were standing on or at the foot of a staircase. My 5 year old dashed over and began to climb up the handrail. I sighed, waved, smiled, and left. I did see a teacher going over to "help" him down. good luck ya all!

After a very long two hours I went to get him. He jumped up and ran over to me. "School is awesome!" They played a game finding a raccoon, read the kissing hand, and of course had snack. He played with some new friends. No he doesn't know their names. But he also swears he never got in trouble. Score one for today! ;)

I liked this conversation we had on the way home...

Me- "So school was awesome today?"
Luke-"Mom, why don't you let Daddy buy me a dirt bike?" Love his line of thinking here...
Me- "What? Because they are dangerous and fast."
Luke- "Do they have brakes on them?"
Me- "Yes."
Luke- "You know..I know how to use brakes."
Luke- "You aren't going to let me get one are you?"
Me- "No."

One day of kindergarten and he is getting smarter and smarter! ;)

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