Thursday, August 2, 2012

Camping Part 2

We like to "train our kids up in the way they should go" HA! Here is my 2 year old learning to hammer tent pegs. Don't worry. The others were carrying wood.
Now, they were calling for a monsoon like storm for our camping trip. Do we cancel? No! Do we go home? No! (ok for one night when they called for possible tornado yes)  We went to Walmart and bought card games to play under the canopy. What is a little flooding to us?

Girls hid in the camper with Nick.

We did come out eventually. Second camping trip and Nick is loving it! Well, he can't complain.

Of course, what is camp without ice cream.

See...he does like it.

Luke eating his mountain pie.

Will eating off of the world's longest marshmallow stick.

Bike rides were fun! Until Daddy's chain snapped and Rachel ran a hole through her back tire. Luke ran away on the bike ramps. But after that, everything was peachy.

Cause I never take a picture of these guys together.

I am awake. At the end of the trip Nick decided that he would only not scream if he was attached to me.My salvation was that my FIL (big Paul if you follow my pics) brought me hot wings. Love him.  If my baby here is faking you out with the whole sleeping like an angel bit-don't be fooled. He likes to be up, his mama- not so much.

And just in case you were wondering....yep- Camping part 3 in a few weeks. Cause we bought a camper people and we are going to get our money's worth. Even if it drowns or kills us.

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