Saturday, August 4, 2012

A little help from my friends

You want to know what I didn't like when I was a kid? Sleepovers You want to know what I hated as a kid? Up all nighters. Why? Cause I LOVE me some sleep. Love, love. Which is probably why I find the newborn scene so absolutely soul sucking difficult. Dramatic much? YES. Because my mind is mush, my eyes are burning, and I have a "no sleep" headache that is killing me.
As you know I have 5 wonderful children. So no I can't sleep when the baby sleeps. I also have mounds of laundry, people that need fed, things that need clean....and so on. Naps are about impossible.
Here is where you all come in. I ask for your experience and help. What have you done to encourage your child to sleep more than say 1 hour at a time? Where did they sleep? How did they sleep? What did they wear? What did you chant over them? Details people.
And a sidenote...don't tell me that your child didn't start sleeping until they were 5. I know. My oldest was/is a horrible sleeper. But we are going to pretend that was a fluke and this darling will sleep. And don't tell me my baby slept from the night they got home from the hospital. Again, I have heard this phenomenon from friends and am simply speechless.
What do you think all?
Who is sleepy? Not I said the baby

silly mortal! Try to trick me with your rocking motion, lights, and music. Don't you know I am aware this is not mom's arms and therefore I will not sleep?

Even the pillowy soft material that mom would drool all over if it covered HER bed will  not work! I will stand firm.

1:30 you say? The night is young!

Look, I can't be this cute and sleep too.


  1. Hi Theresa! I will tell you my son (my only child, mind you) has slept through the night since he was four weeks old. To some people's dismay, we used the cry-it-out method, which basically taught him how/when to sleep. We also were VERY scheduled with a wake, eat, play, sleep (repeat all day til bed time) schedule. This, I know can be quite difficult when the baby is not an only child. We also rarely let him fall asleep anywhere but his crib when the crib was available. Meaning, no putting him to sleep while rocking, no falling asleep in the swing or bouncy, etc. He might be at the point of rolling his eyes back to slumber, but he was awake when put in the crib. Now of course if we were out and about at naptime, he would sleep in his carseat or while being held, but I will tell you that if I had a flat surface available, that's where he slept. At the infant stage up until probably about one he took three naps a day, then two, then one and I stopped his napping around three and a half. Child sleeps like a log to this day. I like to say that I trained my child to be a good sleeper, but some would say I got lucky. I don't know because I never had any more children. Again, I'm sure it's not as easy as this when you have multiple children and activities. Just my story, tho!

  2. Oh and one more thing...we put him on his belly to sleep (GASP!!). I know this is a no-no, but he slept soooo much better once we (my mom:) started to do this. It was like he could snuggle in!