Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why did you pick him?

       Tonight Scott is on night shift. I am not a big fan of night shift. For one thing, I have to put the kids to bed by myself. And get drinks by myself. And prepare, serve, and clean up dinner by myself. When people ask me how I can possibly work and have so many small children, I always answer by telling them about my mom and husband. They are fabulous. My husband is an awesome father. The other thing is that I don't like to cook when he isn't here. Just doesn't seem worth it. However, I sucked it up today and made spaghetti for the kids. We sat around the table together, and as the boys ate naked noodles and Bella slurped hers, Rachel had a question.
"Mommy, when you saw daddy at the restaurant, what made you pick him?"
"What made you pick daddy? Was it cause he was funny or nice?"
"Actually I met daddy at church." Trying to buy time.
"Oh. Well what made you pick him anyway?"
       This question was monumental in a couple ways. First, I want to convey to my young daughter what was important. What is important when choosing a boy. I know she is only 6, but she is asking. Second, I want to remember. I want to tell her why I did choose daddy.
"I choose daddy because he loved Jesus." This is true. We met in youth group and began as friends. A long story I should share sometime. But he did love Jesus. And I saw that. And because of that I knew he would love me.
       "I also chose Daddy because he is the most loving and kind person I ever met." Which is certainly true as well. You would be hard pressed to find a more compassionate and warm hearted person. I have often told him he is way too nice to me. Way more understanding, forgiving, He would go out of his way for anyone and is the best hugger in the world.
       "And of course I chose Daddy cause he is funny and makes me laugh." Another thing that is wonderful about my husband is how he can light up a room with his sense of humor. He is the life of any party and can do many voiced at the drop of a hat.
       Rachel's face lit up and laughed. So very pleased with my answer. She loves to hear good things about her dadddy.  I pray that my girls find such a man someday. Someone who lights up their life with joy and supports them with quiet strength. A man who is so good, kind, and loving that he draws people to him. I pray my boys will continue to be such young men. But I am so glad that he picked me.

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  1. I am the same way when my kid's ask questions such questions:) They are little now, but will be teenagers 'next week'...and the same conversations might not come up then. Good job, mama!