Thursday, April 5, 2012

Who want to go to the circus?

Not I said the Mommy! I wanted to curl up in bed with my Kindle and go to sleep. It has been a long week. But we did promise. Too bad our kiddos are old enough to remember promises. Glad we went though. The kids had a blast. Luke said that the motorcycles guys had super powers. Bella was thrilled with all the animals, but did not like it when the people went too high! Will of course laughed through the whole thing. Go and ask him what his favorite part was....EVERYTHING. Rachel thought the whole thing was awesome too. Except a costume a girl was wearing that Rachel though was too revealing. She said "Mommy, that girl looks ridiculous. You can see her butt." Keep that thought sweet heart. Showing butt=ridiculous.
 saying cheese
 Good idea at the time...buying the boys cotton candy. Seems like a bad idea 20 minutes later....buying the boys cotton candy.
 My Princess.
 We bring the circus with us. Wonder if I could get my dog to jump through hoops of fire? hhmmmm... j/k Patty! Maybe....
 I wouldn't let her ride the slide for SIX dollars. I told her I would take her to the FREE park tomorrow where she could go down all she wanted. Of course daddy would have.... Daddy- 1,000 Mommy-0
 Llama petting zoo at the circus. And Luke was thrilled. Really?
This child is just too much. And see, she got over the slide thing.

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