Saturday, March 31, 2012

Anything like me

I remember sayin' I don't care either way
as long as he or she is healthy, I'm okay

And then the doctor pointed to the corner of the screen
And said, "You see that thing right there? Well, you know what that means"
I started wondering who he was going to be
And I thought heaven help us if he's anything like me

He'll probably climb a tree too tall and ride his bike too fast
End up every summer wearin' something in a cast
He's gonna throw a ball and break some glass
In a window down the street
He's gonna get in trouble, oh, he's gonna get in fights

I'm gonna lose my temper and some sleep
It's safe to say that I'm gonna get my payback
If he's anything like me

William- The joke around my house is that Will is Scott Jr. I will never know why we didn't name him that. He and his father remind me of the old Patty Duke theme song. They laugh alike, they walk alike,

At times they even talk alike, you can lose your mind. They love the same things and have the same sayings. But he also has his dad's heart. All the good stuff. They love someone totally and with no strings attached. This is how I know my son will grow up to be a good man. Just like his dad.

Rachel- ....a little me. I listen to her talk. Of course she is better than me. She is the best things about me exaggerated. She is so smart. Very determined and fiercely loyal. She is her own girl too. Dressing up in the fanciest gown to go grocery shopping. Changing her nail color three times a day and using glitter like it is going out of style. My girl.

Luke- I hear tell that he is the picture of Scott when he was a kid. He certainly looks like Scott's mini me when Scott shaves. Sometimes I look at Luke and can't believe that he looks nothing like me. A boy who would melt your heart. "Every girl is beautiful and every boy is handsome." He tells me he loves me at least 20 times a day. Runs into the room just to let me know and then runs out. He is always on the go. Definitely more curious and daring than the rest. He climbs, jumps, rips apart, and likes to see how far he can push it. Ok, maybe he got that from me....

Bella- Such a combination of them all. She has Will's sense of humor, Rachel's sass, and Luke dare devil attitude. But her own flare. She is the baby and she knows it. My girl who loves her dog and her unicorn pillow. She has hair that matches her temper and her bright blue eyes are always telling stories. How did I get so lucky to have you dropped into our laps?

My sweet summer baby boy- Who will you be? Who will you look like and be like? I know this much. It will be a spark we never knew was missing until you are here!

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