Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why I quit my resolution to meal plan and cook more....

Dinner time.....
Rachel- *crying* I hate this! I hate eating

Me- "Do I ever make anything that everyone doesn't hate?"

Will- "Sometimes. Not often, but sometimes."

Me-"You know, some kids have mothers that don't even cook them dinner!"

Luke- "THAT.....WOULD....BE....AWESOME."
After that display, I don't know why I would be nice to them...But I am just that nice I guess.
Hot chocolate with extra marshmallows please. From now on, I am sticking with chocolate for dinner.
Bella says "Daddy cheese with me."

"Hmmm...This isn't half bad."

LOTS of marshmallows

He didn't start off with one marshmallow. That is how many survive the first 25 seconds.

more pictures of me!

Trying to suck marshmallows up a straw


  1. Your family is so lovely! I enjoy reading these and getting to see yins's kids grow.

    . ~ Rosey ~

  2. Wow, this is almost like our house. Would be exact if there are tears. Lots of tears.