Thursday, July 29, 2010


I hate clutter. A place for everything and everything in its place. I have always had a touch of OCD. Hard to imagine, eh?

However, with four kids, clutter seems unstoppable. Please, NEVER come to my house without an appointment. ;) I may seriously curl up and die. It isn't that I don't try. But before I can even get to the next room, the room I have just cleaned is again destroyed. The kids LOVE clean rooms. And soon it is not clean so much. But I have learned to deal with this. Kick it aside. Deal with it when you can. Beg people to call first.

But it is the mind clutter that is getting to me. I also have TMJ. Which of course is worse when under stress. I went to the dentist the other day. He heard my jaw clicking. Across the room. He then came closer and checked me out. His diagnosis. "Holy smokes! You need to get this taken care of." Apparently I need a plate for when I am sleeping cause I grind my teeth. And my jaw is way off. One is a 1 blah blah and the other is a 2 blah blah. No I don't know what the blah blah is. Which Scott was not happy about. He recommends braces. BRACES?? He said my jaw needs realigned and if I don't do it, I WILL need surgury. A surgury that doesn't always work.

I know I grind my teeth and set my jaw when I am stressed. Oh, but what is there to stress about you say? Well, the clutter. I always am thinking about the laundry and the dinner. The clothes needing switched around and such. The kitchen floor needs scrubbed. The bedrooms need done.

School is starting soon. Which means I am thinking about school shopping and getting my new room ready. Getting ready for my new grade. New everything. And I am taking many college grad credits. And not getting the work done. I also am trying to squeeze in every bit of fun with my kids before I return to work.

Plus, there are other lists. Other worries. I tell myself to let it go. But in my sleep, the grinding and jaw setting comes. Braces?

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