Friday, June 9, 2017

Starting summer off with a bang

          On the first full day of summer break I decided that I was going to show off my SAHM skills. I was going to make a lasagna. Sounded like a great idea at the time. I get out all of my ingredients. Put the meat on the stove to brown. Put a big pot of water to boil on for the noodles. Set up Pyrex casserole dish for the lasagna. I was standing at the stove stiring  the meat and remembered that I wanted to text Scott about my moms car. I walked into the living room. As soon as I got my phone out of the book bag, I heard an explosion. I feel like the entire world stopped moving. Should I run out with Nick? Should I see what was going on? Should I ever attempt to cook again? I went into the kitchen and saw an explosion of glass everywhere.
           Apparently, I had turned on the wrong burner. I turned on the burner under the Pyrex container and not the giant pot of water. The exploding glass went all over the place. AND it was hot. So hot in fact that it melted into the hideous carpet that is in the kitchen. So let look on the bright side. maybe new carpet quicker....huh-huh...?!  I chunk had been flung into a book bag on the floor and cut/torn/melted into the bag.
      Couple of things....1- The meat that was no the stove was covered in glass. Total waste of my defrosting skills. 2- Not even being melodramatic, but I am not sure what would have happened had I still been standing at that stove. 3. This is exactly why we should order pizza everyday   4. I made lasagna the next day with my moms dish, and it was amazing. At least the gluten eating people of the family thought so.
Happy Summer!

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