Friday, August 10, 2012


Will-  "Bacon? YES Bacon!"
Me- "No, that is Bacon bits. You put it on salad."
Will- "What?? Why would anyone want to waste perfectly good bacon and put it on a salad. Oh the horror!"

Me- (to Luke when I see him with his hand stuck to his head) "What are you doing?"
Luke- "I was trying to see if my goo would stick to my hair."
Me- "Oh, yeah. And what did you find out?"
Luke- "It does."  He runs away...with goo stuck in his hair

Rachel on baby Nick
"Sometimes the baby is so cute and sometimes he is really annoying. Like when he is crying all the time. Like now..."

Driving home..
Luke- "Why did you let Daddy beat us home?"
Me- "Guess his truck is faster. But we are way cooler."
Luke- "You can't be cooler than Daddy. You don't even have a beard."
Me- "What does a beard have to do with it?"
Luke- "If  you have a beard you are cool. But that is ok mommy. I still love you."

Bella- "You want to kill Zombies?"
Me- "What?"
Bella- "You haffa get a knife and kill them in the belly."
Then she walks away....

Will- "If I ever have to make a last request meal, it is totally going to be a subway sandwich."

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