Saturday, July 14, 2012

Let's go camping

What should you do right after having a baby? Quick...did you say camping?? We did say we were going campin'! And everything was packed!

Will helping out with the baby while I "help" with camper and other camp junk. Then my body said "oh just had a baby." So..

I did a lot of sitting and resting of course. Scott did all of the cooking and cleaning. Really I probably did less at camp than I would have at home. We also live 10 minutes away. Showers were close. We had a good time.

Camping is fun!

New bikes! The three big ones got to be in a bike parade!

Bella hanging around!

Not too bad..

My big helper
Chasing things with guns...he was happy.
Sporting the Steeler outfit,
New hat...nice

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