Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eve- Just Stop

Yesterday, I told you a little bit about my friend Eve.
     Lesson 2- Just stop
     My darling husband works-a lot. He also works very hard and long hours. His shifts are 12 hours long and he drives over an hour one way to work. At times, especially on certain shifts, my husband can come home in not a pleasant mood. In these times, I warn the children. Daddy is very tired and you should be extra nice. You would think I would take my own advice.
     For example, Scott comes home from day shift around 7 o cock at night. He has woke up at 3:30 and left the house by 4 a.m. He drives over an hour and gets to work around 5ish. Works, showers, and then drives home. Then he has to eat and go to bed to be up again at 3:30 a.m. Honestly, I would die if I kept his schedule. But when he gets home, I have not seen him all day. I have things to nag him ask him about. I have to talk to him.
me- "Did you call to get the dumpster removed?"
Scott- "I forgot I will call tomorrow."
me- " We are going to get charged extra."
Scott-"No we won't. I was busy today at work and I will call tomorrow."
Just stop
me- "Yes, we will get charged. I have the bill on the fridge. It has been a week."
Scott- "I know when we got it. I will take care of it tomorrow. There is nothing I can do now."
Me- "I wish you would have told me you were going to be busy. I could have called."
Scott- now mad "I don't want you to call,. I said I would take care of it and I will."
     You would think I would know when to stop. Sometimes I do. I said my peace, I hear a little voice telling me "enough already" and I stop. Life goes on and tragedy averted. But many times I don't stop. I just keep going. Yes, I heard the little voice. Yes I know better...but I just keep going anyway.
     The moment when Eve is looking at the fruit, we are shouting "For the love of everything, don't do it! Walk away! Run away! Just get away!" We in our self righteousness ask how hard would it have been to just put down the fruit and turn away. Hard indeed.
     Because sin has a way of tempting us where we need it the most..or the least. It hits fast and hard and looks so darn good. She had it all...but this. This would bring wisdom. Wisdom she wanted and that she thought she needed. JUST STOP.
     But she didn't and we don't. When we hear that little voice saying "walk away" and instead we walk into it. One of my bible study questions asked me what is one practical thing I can do to apply what I have learned. I wrote "just stop." Instead of rationalizing why I should or how I could, I should just stop. Instead of trying to get my point across and walking into a trap, I should just stop. Much easier said than done.
     But I will try. The next time I hear it, I will just stop. Before it is too late. Because stopping before a tragedy has begun is much easier than picking up the pieces to put them back together.

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