Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eve- Look to what you have

     I don't like her. Not one little bit. Every time I heard her name, I kind of rose up. What was her problem? She had everything. And I mean everything. She gave it all up. How selfish, stupid (don't tell my kids I used that word), and naive. Unfortunately, due to her, we all with a double X chromosome have to suffer. As a matter of fact, I will be suffering any day now thanks to her. I just didn't get her.
   One of my friends asked me if I would be interested in doing a summer Bible study with her and some friends. Of course! We are doing "Bad Girls of the Bible." The first woman we look to...EVE. I must admit I sighed a little. Her. As I read her story, I begged her to stop. Of course we all see the train wreak coming. It is like one of our favorite movies we watch over and over. If we can just scream into the screen loud enough she will look at the snake, the apple, and then walk away. But she never does. She bites, offers it to her husband (don't get me started on him), and then comes the fall of humanity. We are all naked. Awe, Eve.
     Sometimes when I read things in the Bible that I have read a hundred times, I tend to gloss over them. What can I lean from this that I have not heard before. But this is the beauty of Bible Study.   I learned a lot. Three main ideas that I learned from my friend now- Eve.
     Lesson 1- Look to what you have
     Over four years ago, I stood in a place that I never intended to be. I was standing on my front porch watching the snow fall softly. I thought how odd that something so beautiful was on a day so ugly. I was attending my dad's funeral that day. He left us so suddenly. Massive heart attack. No warning, no goodbye. All I wanted to do was go back. Nothing in life causes you to wish you could go back like death. What bills was I worried about a week ago? What dreams was I frustrated because they were on hold? What was I complaining, thinking, or worrying about? My yesterdays suddenly looked so full of hope and promise. What was I looking at?
     My first lesson that Eve has taught me is to look at what you have today. It is our human fleshly nature to always want more I suppose. You get the promotion- you want another. You kids actually master the skill you have been so dutifully drilling- you need another. You bake cookies- you eat them all---wait...off track. Sometimes I am so busy looking to what I think my future should look like, that I miss seeing all that I have today.
     Like Eve. She had a Father who hand crafted her and her world. She had a husband who adored her. She had every good thing. But it wasn't enough. The snake, the deceiver, came. He told her to look at all she didn't possess. In her reality, it was the fruit. And she wanted it. She knew that God had said no, but she looked at the fruit. She was drawn away from what she was given to what she now wanted. What she now saw as the answer, her new purpose. Her future now with in her grasp.
     I see her look at the fruit, turn it in her hand, and perhaps see her reflection glistening in it. She wanted this new thing that was promised. Think of how it will change her life! And change her life indeed.
     But can I really blame her. How many times have I looked to something that looks to much better that my plain, ordinary life. Too many.
     Today I have a relationship with a loving, merciful, and compassionate God. Today I have a husband who thinks I hung the moon. This of course not being the case. Anyone will tell you he is my better half by far. Today I have four beautiful, healthy, wonderful children who I get to hug, kiss, and treasure. Today I am pregnant with a miracle that will bring such life to us all. Today we have great jobs that we both love and enjoy. Today I have a roof over my head, food in my refrigerator, the love and company of my mom, brothers, sisters, and in laws. Today I have friends who I love and could call on in an instant. Today I am blessed!
     Today Eve helped me see that what I have is good. Really good.

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