Monday, March 5, 2012

Stop, Drop, and Roll

"Stop, drop, and roll!" my daughter yelled from the living room. True our house was full of smoke. True the smoke alarm was screaming its head off. But all is under control. I am just cooking dinner.

This morning I realized that tomorrow is my oldest's birthday. Now of course I am aware of the DAY I became a mom, but his birthday party is on Friday. So I kind of have been staring at that day for d-day. You know, the day I have to have a cake, presents, balloons...etc. This morning as we are all falling tripping walking out the door, I realized that Will probably wants a snack tomorrow at school. I asked him what he wants. "Cupcakes." "Ok..great." "But they have to be handmade." "WHAT? WHY?" "I just wish they could be homemade."  Insert guilt. "OK. White or chocolate." "How about both? That way they can choose." Sure

Fast forward through a crazy busy school day and I am picking Luke up at school. He dances out with a bucket attached to his book bag. Today is his day to fill the letter bucket. Super-duper. I pull into the house and have to get dinner on the move. Of course yesterday I didn't get around to my meal planning. So I walk from the freezer to the pantry about 5 times. I get out the pork to defrost. It did not look or smell good. So I get out the chicken. But what could I cook the chicken in?

It used to be a joke when Scott and I were first married on how much glass Tupperware we had. But over the last almost 9 years...things have happened. It has been lost or broken. The potatoes were already in the large one we have left. So what to do with the chicken? I am tired. Throw it on a baking sheet. Hence the splattering grease, smoke (but no fire), and my children stop, dropping, and rolling.

But no need to fear. I just hit the alarm button. I called my husband as I filled up round one of the cupcakes. "The house is filled with smoke." "Okay." Notice he doesn't ask. He says "You can open a window." "But then I will be cold." "Then the smoke will fill the house." "It is ok. The kids are already crawling on their knees. They are ok."

I would like to say that I wanted to get pizza. Really, I thought about it. But we are having pizza for Will's party and I am budgeting....SO I cooked. The smoke is dying down, as my super husband came home and covered it in foil to stop the splattering. Such a smart man I married. Round one of cupcakes are done and homework is completed. The bucket still needs filled. Round two of chocolate is still on the list. But the house is still standing. I say success!

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