Friday, August 5, 2011

VBS- Trinity style

I always loved VBS as a kid. LOVED it. I loved the songs, games, crafts, and lessons. I always wished it could be longer than a week. And then I got a couple more candles on the birthday cake and became a leader and realized how much WORK VBS is. Now, I love that my kids love VBS. I love the way they come home and speak their faith in such sweet and simple terms. The house is filled with the verses and songs sung there. I owe a debt of gratitude to the people making this possible for them. So...without further ado, the cast and characters.
This is Queen Jenn (It was a castle and armor of God theme). She is the VBS Goddess and my SIL. I kid you not. Jenn is the heart and soul of VBS. She wrote and directed this year's week long program. No one does VBS like this girl. I know cause I was her second in command for a time. A couple fabulous things about Jenn.... I always said that if you want something done, go to Jenn. She gets it done. Anything. She doesn't go half way either. VBS decorations? We aren't talking your average marker and glue set here people. This woman builds volcanos, palm trees, reconstructs cities. What makes it so wonderful is that she does this all for the kids. She wants this experience to be amazing. Not just a good time, but a life changing "remember that VBS" kind of time. She loves the kids. She loves what she does. She doesn't get half the credit she deserves. She fills the gaps when needed and supplies all of her time and energy for the cause of Christ. I am so proud of her. She rocks!!! And has a pretty cute brother too... (my husband of course!)

Two of my brother in laws here.

And yes they are single. And yes, they have a heart for God and for his children. They did skits and taught classes. A-MAZ-ING. The kids love them and what an example they are setting for the young boys (and frankly all of us!) I love it that my kids have these guys to look up to.

This is Micah...speaking of helpful, wonderful man of God! Again, there for the kids! That is my FIL, Pastor Paul also.

Andy, another BIL. Married to the VBS Goddess. Which means this man is on the front lines. Always ready to build a mountain, horse, signs, and whatever else. As you can see he also does skits and teaches as well!

I wish I could have gotten more pics of all the wonderful people who help. Like Cookie and Shylah who lead music. All of the young adults who helped with class and everything. The other adults who led classes. To be honest, I am not even sure who all was there since I wasn't this year. But each and every person who contributed to this week, I thank-you. As a parent, I commend you all for the time, energy, focus, prayer, and more that goes into VBS. You may not receive all of the thanks you deserve here on earth, but I know that all heaven was these little ones shared with us tonight all they learned as a direct result from all of your efforts. Great job!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Nice to "meet" you.

    I always loved VBS as a child too. In fact, there were some summers that my twin sister and I attended two different VBS programs in the same in the morning and one in the evening. As we grew older, we would schedule our vacations from work so that we'd still be able to help/teach at VBS. My sister sounds very similar to your "Goddess". She plans, participates and purposes that VBS be a memorable experience for every child who attends.

    Thanks for the happy memories.

    You have a beautiful family.