Wednesday, August 3, 2011

some help

We have ants in our kitchen. I am not of fan of ants. I was going to say "I am not a fan of ants in my kitchen" but let's be honest. I am a step on the ants on the sidewalk kind of girl. Cause really, what good are ants??? Don't google that and come back and tell me. I am really not that invested in it. And I will still step on them.

Husband has tried quite a few things. But they still return. Of course, if the maid would keep up with her duties and keep the floor sparkling that would help. But I know the maid....personally. And she is not going to be upping her duties anytime soon.

I go into the kitchen and find the yellow brick road. Or a box of goldfish crackers smashed into a trail. Right across my kitchen and leading to the door. After gathering my ....thoughts, I ask my two darling children sitting on the floor next to the road what it is they are doing? "We are helping mom," explains the Luke-man. "We thought we could trick them into leaving the house," Rachel calmly explains.

Ahhh...yes. The old trick the ants. Smart kids I got here. ;)


  1. That is so cute! Of course they were helping!

    We had an issue with ants a few weeks ago and use something called Terro. You can place it in different areas and it traps them and then they slowly disappear!

  2. Hahaha, that is awesome. Tricking ants to leave your house... :) Cute.

  3. Haha! That is so funny- tricking the ants! I hate to say it, but every time we get ants at our house (about once a year) the trick is to keep things really clean for a week or two then continuously vacuum the ants when you see them. Second thing that helps is following the trail to figure out where they are entering your home, then spray chemicals for ants there (if you are ok with using chemicals). This year we left ant traps out in addition to those things since they were a little harder to get out of our kitchen (I don't keep our kitchen very clean either!)- you just have to be sure that ant traps are out of the path of the kiddos.

    Hope that helps!