Saturday, August 6, 2011

Always a trip with us

I spent a nice time on the phone with my sister in law as we talked about the kids and the insane curious things they do. Then I had to go cause we HAD to go to the dollar store. As I was getting the kids ready I knew before I even left that this would be a blog worthy trip. But aren't they all?

First the reason we HAD to go to the dollar store. The children were helping me "clean" today. They were told to pick up all toys on the tv room/computer room floor. They decided it would be a lot more productive (or fun if you are a child) to take wipe in the house and clean then floor. Around the toys mind you. The toys still never made it into the bins. Reason number 2. We had rice for dinner. When we have rice for dinner, a good bit always ends up on my floor. I went to get the broom. Only found the top. Either my children or my husband (as the kids claim) took apart my broom to put the long stick part in the middle of my treadmill to hold up the blankets for the fort. At least we are finding some use for the large piece of exercise equipment. But now the broom no longer goes back into one piece. We also needed bubble bath and disinfectant wipes. The important things in life.

I yell for children to get dressed as I move laundry from one machine to the next. Luke comes down with shorts and two night shirts on. "Why do you have two nightshirts on?" "Cause I like them both." pause. "You can't wear them. Please go put on one shirt." Will come down with one shirt and no pants. "Will, you have no pants on."  He looks down. "oh." Goes back up stairs. Rachel comes down wearing just the bottoms to a bathing suit. Apparently she tells me that her bathing suit bottoms are "prettier" than her underwear. "And where are your clothes?" "I am finding a dress mom." Whatever. Will comes down wearing his dad's shorts. "Will, those are Dad's. Didn't you get the clue as the bottoms of them are brushing the tops of your feet?" "Oh." "Whatever. shoes and let's go."

We arrive at the dollar store. We walk through the parking lot and to the door (all 5 of us). I look at Rachel's feet. No shoes. "I forgot them in the van." Why did you take them off? I look at Will's feet. One blue flip flop. One black flip flop. Both for the LEFT foot. Back to the van to at least fix Rachel's foot problem.

We literally burst into the store. As I lift Bella into the cart the children are off and the toy aisle. I chase them down, and put Luke into the cart. Better to just start off right. We were the only ones in the store and it sounded like a circus had just entered the building. I won't give you the play by play but the highlights.

* We went into the school aisle and Rachel said she needed a new Diary. To which Luke began to yell at the top of his lungs "I want a diarrhea. I need new diarrhea. My oldest son thought this was the funniest thing ever. And if you have ever hear Will laugh, you know how that went.

*Bella was holding the box of Scooby Doo fruit snacks. I had to say please don't eat that box 5 times. When we went to check out, she had eaten the bar code off the box.

*William loves to sing. Loud. In random places. Not sure if he realizes the rest of us can hear him. He broke into song in the cleaning supply aisle at the same time Luke decide to start bellowing. Bella must have thought someone was hurt because she started to fuss. Rachel took this opportunity to fill the cart with cleaning supplies. Christmas in August for her.

*This conversation. Will- "We should buy Bella two things. Since this (a ball) is only a dollar. We should buy her this doll for 3 dollars. It would only cost you 4 dollars." Me- "For someone with no dollars, you like to talk about spending dollars a lot. Will- "Your dollars are my dollars."

*When we went to the check out, the ball Bella had been holding rang up and said it couldn't  be sold. She said it must be a recall or something. On a ball?? Try explaining to the not quite 2 year old that she can't have that now. Had to get her a princess balloon.

*Cashier asks the famous "Are all of these kids yours?" Ignore many responses that come to the front of my mind. Smile "Everyone of them."

* Will throws himself into the door for good measure as we leave.

Good times my friends. Good times.


  1. I don't envy you...nope, not one little bit! :) What is it about going out to a store that gets kids so riled up??

  2. Oh, my. I want to tell you that I did not laugh. I want to tell you that I was not stifling giggles through your whole post. But that, that right there would be lying. :)

    Ahhhhhhh, parenthood. Such an adventure. Blessings to you and your beautiful family! :)

    Oh, and my kids love the treadmill I never use, too. :)

  3. Always a good time with us....we went school shopping today...oy!