Thursday, July 14, 2011


Rachel- "Mommy, when school starts will I be in kindergarten?"
Me- "Yes."
Rachel- "Does school start soon."
Me- "Yes." (feeling slightly sick in my stomach)
Rachel- "Hooray!"

Unfortunatly this conversation with my little baby last night has me thinking. Thinking that how can she possibly be old enough to sit in a classroom. Of course I remember these feelings oh too well when my William started. To say it was rough would be an understatment. I still remember sobbing as the bus pulled away WITH HIM IN IT. And here we are with my peanut, my baby girl. To be honest, she is probably more ready than William is. She is much more out going. Not quite as sensative. But that doesn't make it any easier to let her go.

Thinking about how fleeting time is has caused me to stop and think. Instead of cleaning the kitchen for the thousandth time this summer, we went outside. We played in the sun. Built a pretty nice sand castle and made a water slide with the hose. I layed on the swing and took a deep breath.

I am a summer person. I love the feel of the sun on my skin. There is no such thing as "too hot." I love the smell of the outside. I never wear shoes unless I have to leave my house.

Heres to summer. And taking deep breaths and laying in the sun.

Loving the ponytails.
I had William take this. So when the snow is swirling around me I can remember...aaahhh.

Luke laying out with Rachel. But the sun was too bright.

My friend who joined me on the swing.

My soon to be kindergartener

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