Wednesday, July 20, 2011



The northeast has been hit with quite the heatwave. And I refuse to complain. I feel terrible actually for my poor husband who normally thinks 70 degrees is ten degrees too hot. My poor baby daughter whose hair is soaked with sweat when she woke up from nap. For all of my poor souls who don't bask in the glory of the heat.

But as for me....aaaahhhhh.....

Give me the sun. Give me the smothering heat. I sit on my swing and take a deep breath. I feel the humidity around me. To be like a comforting blanket. Everything just seems so much better in the summer. Brighter sky. Laughing kids in the yard. Flowers. And did I mention the sunshine??

It is a bit hot. But give me a heat wave over a PA blizzard any day.

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