Monday, July 18, 2011

Lucas Scott

My brown eyed boy. When the doctor laid you in my arms I though "here he is. And he has his daddy's eyes." Your brother had blue and your sister green. But you....your eyes just pulled me in. And I never left.

Daily you tell me how pretty I am. You bring me a fist full of flowers. A heart so full of love. But you are my super hero. You save the day and jump from places that stop your mamas heart. You capture the bad guy all with a chocaolate milk mustache and a dirty nose. And then give me the thumbs up signal like "what is the problem?" You are stubborn. You stick to your guns. Don't know where you get it.

You bring a spark into my life. You bring an unforgetable smile. You keep me young. You keep me laughing. You keep me on my toes! I love you little man.

Do me a favor? Stay 4 for long while. Or at least promise you will always bring me a fist full of flowers with a "you're the best mom" for a long while.

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