Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Lucas Scott

Happy 3rd birthday. A little late but hey....

My superhero! My future cage fighter! My sweet brown eyed boy.

You must excuse this blog being a day late. Yesterday I was scrubbing mascara off my boy, cleaning up jelly all over the couch, green tea all over the table (and under the table), smiley stickers on the walls, cabinets, and floor all before 10 a.m. All of this attributed to my baby boy.

My little boy is three. I remember the day he was born. The Dr holding him. His big brown eyes looking straight at me, the first and only child to have his daddy's eyes. I was thinking "wow, here he is." Why hadn't I thought that with the first two? Not sure? But I did with Luke. And wow has he been "here!"

We call him "curious" and "active." He is my "I will try anything" child. Like try to cross the road himself cause "I big mom." He can't sit for an entire meal without standing on his head or making up a musical tune on his plate. He is my "wanna fight?" boy. My ladies stopping us everywhere to comment on how cute he is.

But he is my "I wike (like) you mommy" with a hug. My give me a "huggie." He may be a rough and tumble kind of kid but always loves his momma.

My baby at one....

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