Wednesday, July 14, 2010

He is real!

I went out to the porch to get the mail and met the mailman on my doorstop. Of course following close behind were my two little shadows. That would be #2 and 3. Bella can't quite crawl fast enough and Will is engrossed with Scooby Doo on-line. They run out onto the porch (in underwear of course- too hot they say) and see me getting the mail. "Who is that?" Rachel asks as I walk into the house. "The mailman." Luke of course waves and says "good-bye mailman. Thanks!" Rachel comes running into the living room with Luke close behind.

"Will, the mailman does exist! We saw him!" "Yeah!" Luke chimes in. "Really? huh," and Will returns to game. Rachel turns to Luke "And did you see that he carries a big purse! cool."

So he does exist. And carries a purse.

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