Friday, October 9, 2009

stop please

Even in my lack of sleep induced haze..(She still is my sweetheart though)...even I can see the passage of time. Scott is going to and from work and I think there was that trip to church which means a week has passed somewhere in there?? Nickelodeon keeps playing different shows so I guess time is going somewhere??

However, my sweet Belle- Bella- Bella boo (trying out the nicknames on her) turned two weeks old. I was sitting on bed holding her when I declared to my husband that Bella is getting bigger. He turned to me and said "what are you taking about? She is a peanut?" "Yes, but her cheeks look fuller and she doesn't have the old man circle of hair anymore. Her hair up top is coming in. See!?!?" I said as I thrust the baby at him. "yep" he says. "And she is getting bigger," I cry. "That is what they do Theresa." Now, I must say that my husband usually is quite good with words. He can be quite quite persuasive. However, SOMETIMES he sounds like an idiot to me.

So now (cue post pardum hormones) I am crying. But I don't want her to get big. She is my baby. She is already changing. Luke is now potty training (himself by the way), Rachel is coloring in the lines and trying to read. And Will is in Kindergarten!! I don' Husband again looks at me as if I grew another head.

I know she has to grow. Today she talked to me. Well, not really talked as my sister will point out, but she made noises while looking at me. And she smiled. And I teared up. Cause I know she will grow. Someday I will have two little girls clamoring for me to paint their nails. Putting another little one on the bus. But does it have to come so quickly. One day Rachel was trying to talk to "baby Bella" through my shirt and the next day I am looking back on all these memories. babies are getting bigger.

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