Thursday, August 6, 2009

Da Beeeeeech

The first time I ever went to the beach I was with my best friend at the ripe old age of 13. I was over the moon excited. Now, what I failed to take into consideration is that I am about as neon white red-headed Irish as you can get. Which means when this friend was pouring baby oil on herself, I should have been swimming in SPF 110. BUT being 13 I didn't even think of it and fell asleep on the beach. Which resulted in a trip to the hospital, blisters everywhere the sun had graced my body, and almost an admittance to this fine place. BUT I promised to drink lots of Gatorade and stay under the umbrella. Which ended up being pretty easy as I was wrapped in a blanket, freezing due to all the damage to my skin. Did I mention I also ripped my one contact on that trip.

But believe it or not, I STILL fell in love with the beach. The water and waves were beautiful. It felt so good to have the wind hit me. It quickly became my favorite place. And before I even was pregnant I decided that we were going to the beach this summer! And to the beach we went. When I was 31 weeks pregnant...hhhmmmm.....

The trip down was a LONG one. Did I mention our air conditioner was broken?? And Scott had to stay 2 extra hours at work so we had a late start. So we got there about 12:15 A.M. Which meant I passed out as soon as we were in the door! But we got up early the next day and headed to the beach. After of course I lathered my very white, red-headed, Irish children up with sunscreen!
Will and Rachel loved the water. The first day I couldn't (or wouldn't let Scott) let go of their hands. The next day I pulled a chair up to the edge of the water where they had to be close. So I got better. Luke on the other hand, hated the water. Which is fine with me. My boy is hard enough to keep track of on dry land. So he hung out playing in the sand all day. He had a blast doing that!

Everyday this was our late morning- afternoon trip. Wake up, eat, cover in sun screen, and head to the beach. Which sounds so easy in theory. Except, when we walked out our door it was like the surface of the sun. Especially since the sun has been on strike here in PA for most of the summer. But once we had carried toys, drinks, chairs, towel, and 3 screaming kids to the actual was smooth sailing. Until it was time to convince William out of the water!
One night we went out to eat at this amazing place called JR's. Another night was the boardwalk. One night I stayed home with #2 and 3 and they went to a souvenir shop. And before we knew it, it was time to go home. And I was ready! I was getting a little tired of scrubbing sand out of children's hair and other places. I was feeling huge and hot. And I was ready to be home!
But when we left Rachel asked when we could go back and it was nice to say next year I am sure!

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