Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the zoo, the zoo

In my quest for the "greatest summer ever" we decided to go to the zoo. Which in theory sounded like a great idea! Except the night before William came down with a fever. He said his brain threw-up which I am taking it means he has a headache?? We waited to see what morning would bring. Well, he woke up fever free and I asked him how he was feeling. "Great!" he said. So we packed up and set off for the zoo with my sister and mom too.

The ride wasn't too bad. And as soon as we got there Will said "Look at all these humans!" Why he will not use the word "people" and still "humans" is beyond me. We had a really nice day looking at the animals. Luke was fascinated. He never wanted to leave one place to check out another. Poor Will though. He started to feel not so good. He laid down in the wagon. His fever went up. And it went down hill from there. After a good couple of hours at the zoo we were ready to head home. And many had it gotten HOT! And since my air conditioner is broken, this was not good news. I felt like I was having trouble breathing, I started swelling, and poor Will was moaning in the backseat.

When we got home, I gave him Tylenol and he felt better. He ate some soup, which was the first thing he ate all day. We had chinese food!

Now, Scott is dayshift for 3 days. SO what to fill my day with?? I have so much to do at home. We must fix up the playroom because it is becoming Will and rachel's room. There is always the laundry and everyday stuff. And there is this horid smell coming from my livingroom...I don't even want to go there!

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