Thursday, July 16, 2009

When the ..stuff..floods your shower

Today was grocery shopping day. I am not a fan. Not only am I not a fan in general of shopping but definitely not grocery shopping. I always spend so much money and come back not knowing what I bought or what I should make. Yes, I know I SHOULD make a menu, a plan and then stick to it. But when we are out of crack-up soup and down to our last gallon of milk (again), it is time to suck it up and go. Thankfully my mom offered to watch 1,2, and 3 so I could go. By the time I finished shopping (one woman said to me, "I don't envy you putting all that away"), picked up the kids, got home and put EVERYTHING away, my feet were killing me. I decided to make stuffed shells because I thought ordering a pizza when I just spent gobs of cash on groceries probably wasn't very classy. go me.

When Scott is on day shift I LOVE to see the truck pull up. Because the children RUN to him. They are so excited to see him and leave me alone. *cough, cough* Plus, I have dinner and he really does pitch in at night. He loves to play with them, and he puts them to bed. It is a nice little deal. Tonight with my feet aching I was especially thrilled. All I wanted to do was eat, take a nice shower, and crawl into bed. SO............ we finished dinner and Scott was going out to mow the grass, first he was helping me clear the table. He was rinsing plates and running the garbage disposal when both side of the sink filled with horrible nasty garbage/stink nasty stuff. Great. Scott gets to work on plunging in, and draino-ing it. I go to the bathroom and gasp. The shower is now filling with stank nasty stuff. Smelly, yucky, can't even tell you STUFF. I call for Scott. He is not happy. He goes to the basement. He is even more unhappy. Seems we have a back-up there too. After a couple of hours with a shovel and some words later, he announces that he needs a shower and we have to order a new dumpster.

Just when you think a nice quiet night, the stuff backs up the garbage disposal.

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