Tuesday, July 21, 2009


When we first saw this place which was to become "our house," I hated it. I thought they want that much for THAT house. But Scott was really excited about it so when made an appointment to do a walk through. The porch looked like a creepy old horror movie. Seriously. We walked inside. The only plus I could come up with was that it was big. 4 bedrooms on the second floor and a redone attic with 2 nice big rooms. Oh, wait- there were 2 bathrooms. plus!

But I certainly wasn't sold. Finally we had seen a trillion houses and Scott always came back to this one. The one with the nightmare porch? The one with the horrible floors? And don't even get me started on the kitchen. But finally I gave in, and we were the proud owners of our "new" house.

Soon we will have lived here 2 years. We are almost done with the porch and the flooring has been redone. Things here and there. But the thing that has been the worst- and if you saw our porch this is saying something- was the bedrooms' wall paint. It is horrible! In Luke's room it is a horrible powder purple. Rachel and Will's room has 3 light blue walls and ONE dark blue. Our room is a terrible dark greenish. AND the best one is the playroom that is uneven pink and white stripes. The horror.

And now with our Baby Bella on the way, I decided it was time to rearrange. And in order to shuffle the kids around, PAINTING must get done. Because Bella's room (formally Luke's) will be pink. And Luke's room (formally #1 and 2's room) will have walls that all have the same color. And Will and Rachel's room will not have pink stripes. Thank-you very much. Our room will have to come later....

So when we painted the downstairs (you don't want to know), my husband introduced me to primer. I assumed you pick a color and paint. Oh no, the home depot worker explained. Must primer first. So through out downstairs adventure I discovered 2 things. I can do primer. I can not do the main paint. It is bad. Really bad.

We moved upstairs, I began to work on getting all of the rooms primed. And I love it. I love painting over all of the horrible color. The messy lines. And when I am done I am looking at a nice white wall. Ready for whatever I want it to be.

I wish we had life primer. By one gallon and apply evenly. Coat all of our mistakes. Get to start over. A fresh slate whenever you need it. No past mistakes or consequences. Just a white wall to do whatever you want with it.

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