Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Review

1. Drs. appointment went well. I am 30 weeks. I had a different nurse who did the weight so fast I couldn't see it. I think I didn't gain any. Yeah me. See ya in 2 weeks. Alrighty then.

2. When taking your children to the park requires hoodies, socks and shoes, and still chattering of the teeth on JULY FLIPPIN' 20TH I believe you are living in the wrong climate.

3. Chicken salad sandwich makes a good snack.

4. Bags of books from SIL is a wonderful thing. I just finished one and am giddy about picking another one! Oh I love to read.

5. Unless aliens take over the planet (or I am tired) tomorrow I will begin to primer the last kids room. Then we can paint!

6. It is 8:30 and I am beyond ready for bed. I took a nap yesterday and I felt like I could fall asleep all day. Uh-oh. 3rd tri setting in!

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