Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Review

1. A very good doctors appointment. I only gained 1 pound! WOO-HOO I didn't even want to look with the 4th and all. AND of course peanut is doing great. 2 week check-ups now!

2. Pizza still makes me sick. Why do I keep doing that?

3. Crib bottoms apparently cave in when jumped on repeatedly by three children.

4. Who thought a box of sand was a good idea? Although hosing children off is very fun to watch.

5. Volunteering for VBS sounds like a great idea. Until you are there, and your 3 pre-schoolers are in your group acting like crazies, you are 7 months pregnant and TIRED, half-way though you get sharp pains in your stomach which force you to sit down and wonder if that is what a front contraction feels like? (never had one, all back labor), the kids are swinging from the decorations, and when you collapse in your front door and think next year (when I also have a 10 month old) I may have to pass.

6. Although VBS is causing me to collapse into bed (see above) it is nice to fall asleep with the songs in my head. Perhaps next year, I will come to pick the kids a little early and enjoy the closing. AHHHH... yes...compromise.

7. However, our VBS theme is God's love. Today was God's love is a free gift. When my son was asked what was his all time favorite gift, he said when Santa bought him a toothbrush! By the way, SANTA also spent mucho dinero $$$$ and got him a Wii that same Christmas. *SIGH*

That is all.

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