Sunday, July 5, 2009


Today I am 28 weeks. That puts me officially in the 3rd tri-mester. Which means I am 12 weeks out from an on-time delivery. 9 weeks out from when Luke decided to enter the world. I know I could go on time or even late. But all 3 of my little ones have been early. That being said, I actually wouldn't mind an on time or even a little late. I would love a full month in school to get stuff ready before I "take off." However, I am sure I will be sooner than that.

All of the being said, last night as I went to the bathroom for the 250th time, I caught a glimse of myself in the mirror. Wow, am I gi-normous. (giantic+enormous in one). And 2- this baby is coming sooner than I am ready for!

I have so much to do and get. I started to make a mental list at 3:30 in the morning which really doesn't help when you wake up and remember only 2 things- car seat and baby monitor. I had PLANNED to make a list months ago and get like one thing each payday. But then I waited because I wanted to see boy or girl (although what does girl/boy matter with a baby monitor??) So I need a new list.

And besides the stuff I need to buy for this little one, there were things I wanted done before she arrives. For example, every kids is changing rooms. Will and Rachel are moving into the bigger room- which is now the playroom- and Luke is moving into the room that was theirs. Luke must be alone to sleep. MUST. And the baby will move into Luke's little room off of our room. And they all need painted.

I just feel like I am running out of time. Really she could be here in 2 months! And all of that aside. SHE COULD BE HERE IN 2 MONTHS!!! Holy smokes batman- I better get ready!

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