Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Fun

Nick running into the living room

Me- Where are your pants
Nick- Oh sorry. I must have left them outside.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

He loves it!

I used to hate Monday and Wednesday. That was the day that Lucas had football practice. It was always a fight. He cried. I yelled. H went. I cried. I wanted him to be part of a team. I wanted him to experience that feeling of being part of something. Finally, two very long years later, we pulled the plug. Fine. You don't want to go? Fine. I am not signing you up.

Then he asked if he could join basketball. I was skeptical. I told him that he had to commit to going to the twice a week practices. He was not allowed to quit half way through the season. He had to finish what he started. He was all smiles and agreed. So I let him. Sigh inside and getting ready for the endless fight that would now take place on Tuesday and Thursday. BUT,,,,,

He loves it. He loves to go. Cried when he had to miss practice because of a snow storm. I tried to get him there and then had to turn around. He is dressed and ready an hour before practice starts. He is good at it. He listens to his coach and is trying to learn new things. He is brushing his teeth with his left hand because coach told them to practice using their less dominant hand. He loves it. I love watching him play.

I love seeing my children develop into the people they choose to be. I know nothing about basketball. I never played and my siblings never played. I never watch it. But yes I am the mother yelling loudly when our team get the ball. I yell when our kids get knocked over. I am screaming when Luke steals the ball and runs down the court.

So my sweet brown eye boy is a basketball player. Who would have thought?

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New Year!

**Edit- You will notice his post will be published on 1-7-17. I started it on the 31st but you, and kids, and cleaning (just kidding, and facebook)

Hello! One of my new years resolutions is to write again. Because I like it. And it makes me feel better. Frankly I don't even care if no one reads it. I am just putting it out in the universe. And frankly, if you do read it you will feel better about YOUR life. So let get started on the resolutions that are NOT going to happen...

1. Matching socks. Because just no. My mornings are bat shit crazy. 5 kids and 2 working adults. I'll take coffee with my side of insanity. Also, to have matching socks would have to mean someone has to match them. We don't have the money to hire someone for that. So looks like my kids are going to go with it. I frankly don't care if my socks match. As a matter of fact, if I am wearing socks when there is 2 feet of snow outside, I consider it a win. #truestory

2. Exercise. Well, in my head I would like to start walking more. But I can't do that until when I go outside the air stops hurting my face. No I am not "bundling up" and going. Because I would have to find a hat, scarf....gloves. Although I am certainly not against non-matching gloves...seriously. Its like we have disposable gloves at out house. Buying them at the dollar store cause you are going to wear them one time and then they disappear to the "I don't know where I last had them" gods.

3. Keep my car clean. Often known as "I don't no where I last had them" gods dwell. I lose my sh*t looking for the left shoe, and finally when I admit defeat and say I'll just carry him even if he is 4 1/2...I find the other shoe in the car. Seriously? How does this even happen? Who came out of the car with one shoe on and their mom didn't notice. Seriously.

4. Keeping up with laundry. I have 5 kids. Two adults also live here. Laundry? I think it adds to my decor.

5. Waking up earlier.
Funny minions not a morning person:

6. Drink less caffeine....see #5

7. Start saving money- This is one I should totally do. It anyone interested in giving me one hundred dollars a month I can put into a savings account? Anyone?

8. Remember my 6 million passwords for every freaking site that has their own special requirements. Who are you to tell me my password is "weak" and not let me use it? I'll decide what how strong my password is and I will use it if I so choose.

9. limit my kids screen time. That is so awesome if you are a mom who builds puzzles with the kids and come up with cool craft with toilet paper rolls. Listen, there are not a lot of perks with having five kids (see 7) One of my favorite is that they play together. Sometimes. Okay they scream in each others faces, slap each other, throw things at their sibling, scream mom, and suck out  my soul one broken piece at a time. Wait...what was I saying? Oh yeah, screen time. My kids turn into little zombies? loving it!

10. Stop swearing. stop drinking so much wine. stop eating past 7. Stop watching funny ass...oops. funny a** mom videos and feel better about my momness. Stop making up words like momness.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Happy New Year!

* i got to eat huluski and pork and sauerkraut
* I got to see my family- Little and big ones
* made myself log in my 3 positive things

Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer 2016

Certainly not an accurate list of summer activities, but the best my facebook posts had to offer. I have to get the pics from my phone (which is shattered) to my computer. But its a start. '

I have no idea why the 12 year old pre-teen boy is embarrassed by his mother and father in public. 

Summer ice cream is the best ice cream

Scott at his birthday extravaganza . 

My brothers and sister and I. 

Spiderman or a close second

One of my favorite places

With some of my favorite things

At the beach. Nick and my niece Haivyn

At the beach...getting ice cream

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Summer!!! has been awhile. It has been a crazy 6 months! I can't believe it has been so long! Let's catch up...

Me- I have been sick. And all of that nonsense. Let's summarize. They (a team of doctors) feel that what is wrong with me is neurological. Appointment with a neurologist in July. The past months have been a blur of tests, doctors, appointments and the rest. Let's move on...
FUN stuff- I ran (walked) my first 5K! It was the color me rad and was so much fun. I can't run so Scott stayed with me and walked it. My sisters and other family ran it. We may take the kids next year it was so fun! I finished up my school year. I have developed a love/hate relationship with candy crush.

Scott- He is now shaving his head. And he still loves his job. And he is awesome dad and husband. Takes care of us all. I have sucked him into candy crush as well.

Will- GOING into 4th grade? When did all this happen. That little bugger is gaining on me in height! He loves swimming in the summer. His new obsession is Sonic the Hedgehog game. Is an excellent helper with taking care of his little brother. He got all A's in third grade. Loves reading Diary of a Wimpy kid.
Top left- singing at VBS

Rachel- Sooooo much like me. My dad would be so proud. Nailpoish and dressing up still fills her days. She has her own desk where she loves to create. She won an art award and had her work published for the 2nd year in a row.

Luke- Has discovered he can climb up the walls, pipes, doorways. He is my non-stop boy. Still loves spiderman. Finished Kindergarten with flying colors. Commendable in everything. Reading and writing like a champ.

Bella- Gets funnier every single day. Honestly, you must have a conversation with the girl. I call her and Will the twins as they are quite similar. She has turned into quite the girlly girl and follows in her sisters footsteps. Already have had fights about sharing clothes and the rest.

Nick- One,  people. My BABY turned one. He is my little cuddle bug. A fantastic sleeper! Big brown eyes and looks like a little clone of his big brother Luke. Hates to sit still. Climbs over everything. Looks like he could be Luke's partner in crime.

The past year has been difficult to say the least but we are pressing on. We have camping trips and a trip to the BEACH! (my fav place) We are hanging in the yard and eating Popsicles. Who doesn't  love summer?