Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy December!

So...I missed the rest of November. I was doing our thankful thing. Just not on here. My computer went down and my lap top crashed. I will have to post a picture of our thankful chain.  And then the whole sick thing.

But now it is December. The most overwhelming month of the year!! This is how I feel....

That is how November was. And if we make it through December I will be saying the same! Actually, I have always said how frightened I am on pintrest. I don't need more amo to make me feel inadequate. I could tell you how I locked my keys in the van with all 5 kids and myself standing outside. Or about family Christmas pictures complete with nose bleeds, lollipop attacks, and the royal rumble. (nose bleed was not in connection with royal rumble).  However, my friends, Scott took the 3 big ones to a movie and two little ones have been sleeping for an hour. I am going to curl up with my book until sleep overtakes me. Hopefully soon. Happy December!

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