Saturday, October 27, 2012

some cute kids

I do love October! The leaves, the football, pumpkin (muffins from dunkin donuts, ummmm), and weather still has not headed south quite yet. Unfortunately, my health (stomach issues and all) certainly has taken a turn for the worse. BUT on the positive side this is the first weekend in over a month where I have not been sick, crying in pain, or visiting an ER (knocking on all the wood I can find). There were times when I wanted to jot something down so I could remember but just couldn't get here. But again, I also ate today. Which is again a vast improvement. Perhaps, my current medication may help. I certainly would appreciate any prayers your could spare. I go back to my specialist November 19th. Right now we are just trying out some meds. Hopefully when I return we may come up with a better plan of action. Now on to some cute kids!

Seriously? This kid is too adorable. He totally put this look together himself. He likes to look "cool" he says. Look how clean he looks! Of course this is before we left the house.

My boys at the wedding. How handsome. Do not bring up that Will is in a purple shirt. Just trust me.
 Daddy and his girls.
 Two of my heroes who saved the day when I had to exit said wedding. They kept all *5* kids and danced and played while husband took me to the ER. Sigh... Then they took the kids home. Seriously, what would I do without my family?
 The only pic I got of us before we had to leave.

 Playing games....surprise, surprise
 Rachel with her hero
 My boy. I told him to smile. This is what I get.
 And of course my munchkin!

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