Monday, October 29, 2012


     One of my most favorite things of being a teacher (next to the honor of molding young minds and touching the future and all that...) is the call of a snow day. However, note to self, add this to the things I should not do- When phone rings and school is canceled and daughter who is terrified of even itty bitty storms asks "why is school canceled mom?" Do NOT answer "because of the hurricane." Cause then you are in a whole mess of trouble. Then you have to lie and tell her that it is no big deal. It is a little rain. She hides under her bed and keeps telling me to look out the window and tell her when it stops raining. Heaven help us if we do actually lose power.
     For the most part, the kids are over the moon about no school. As was I, until my son told me "we can play games and eat Halloween candy and go crazy all day."  Umm.....  Will and I already have a plan. We (teamwork here) are going to have a nap time tomorrow. This will commence whenever the baby will sleep. Then he and I are going to sneak into my room to read. He is now into Diary of a wimpy kid and I am reading the new Percy Jackson novel.
     I, of course, am hoping for the best scenario here. We get rain and a day off. Keep power and have a nice warm day. It never even occurred to me that perhaps we should "prepare" until schools started canceling a day ahead of time. I had my facebook status say this..."no candles. no flashlights. no make ahead meals or prepping. Just kind of going by the it is never as bad as they say method. BUT we are out of ketchup. My husband couldn't get his coat and shoes on fast enough. ;)"  True story. He did pick up a couple of random candles at the dollar store. Which are burning right now cause Scott thought they smelled good. We are not really good at this whole prepare thing. Kind of like last minute run around like crazy and hope for the best people.

     Other interesting news...I gave Luke a hug tonight and asked him why he smelled of cologne, he looked at me and said "How should I know...ask the rabbi" If you don't get it then you have to watch Madagascar 3. Which is also on our to do list tomorrow.....     

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