Monday, October 1, 2012

bye bye september

Bye bye September. Must say I have never been quite a fan. Whoever wants to say goodbye to toes in the grass and sunshine on your face? But, alas, we must part my fair summer. But with September comes some good things. 

Brothers hanging at the soccer field. Will assures me that Nick is loving it.

Another edition of Big Paul, little Paul. *Go Steelers!*

My little highlanders.

Meet Willow. Because my husband must bring home every stray he finds. She is quite cute. And she is Bella's new BFF.


Can this kid get any cuter? I think not. Ya gotta kiss those cheeks.

Princess Isabella turned 3!

Not particular reason other than...seriously? Too sweet.
I love these socks.

Luke with his orange soccer socks....something ate them. I guess. Don't know actually. But they ain't here.

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  1. Nice post! Love your pictures! My, Nick is getting so big! Sorry I missed you at church the other week. We were in the nursery that Sunday and didn't realize you were there. Hope to see you there again soon!
    Hope all is well!