Monday, July 30, 2012 say it is almost August??

What have you been doing? I looked at my writer and saw it has been 10 days since I wrote. I wondered what I had been doing.
Attended Demi reunion... I must say we are one awesome family. ;) LOVE this every year.

Great Grandma holding the youngest Demi. Nichoas Paul.

 Played Bacci for the first time ever.

Church picnic

Train rides

Climbing giant rocks that makes mommy very nervous

Danced in the rain at home

Got professional pictures taken

Went camping - Part 2

sweet boys

playing...during the rain monsoon

ice cream!

playing in the dirt

loving the bike


Plus there was VBS, miniature golf, putting up trampoline, not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time...we have been busy. I also have had many thoughts tumbling in my head that I hope to write soon, but for now- cute baby pictures. Feel free to ooo and awe. I do.

"Seriously mom? Enough already...."

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