Monday, July 9, 2012

Nick- part 5

     When I was having William, my first, I hated it when people were whispering. I knew something was up when the whispering started. I was trying to push. Nothing was happening. The contractions were ridiculous. The nurse said something and the doctor shook his head. “I am going to let her give me a couple more good pushes first,” he said. Number one- What is the problem? Number 2- I am done. Do something. But since my contractions were rolling on top of each other, it wasn’t really a time to chat. Finally, I looked at my doctor and said “Dr. M…please.” He nodded to the nurse and I heard him say to go get the forceps.
     Now, if you have never seen these things, let me enlighten you. They look like two giant spoons. GIANT. The doctor then uses these to “help” the baby out. Unfortunately, I had to still push while he helped. Again, wishing that I would have gotten the epidural. All this was so much better when you can’t feel it. “Push,” pretty much everyone in the room was yelling at me. And so I did. Then I heard him cry. Actually, it was definitely more of a scream. But then again he was just dragged into the world with a pair of giant salad tongs. Guess I would scream too. I remember the doctor talking about how short his cord was. I also remember them all laughing about how Scott was a pro now at cord cutting. They placed the baby on me and here he was.
     Nicholas Paul. The nurse asked if I wanted him them to clean him up and I nodded. I told Scott to take pictures. I also kept asking him how big he was. He looked so little. I knew that he was measuring small in the ultrasounds. Six pounds and 12 onces. He was 18 inches long. A little guy but not that little.
     Finally they placed him in my arms. It was over. He was here. I looked down at this little bundle in my arms. How was God so good to me? How did I deserve to be so blessed? “Hello, little guy. Welcome to the world. "

"I asked the LORD to give me this boy, and he has granted my request"
1 Samuel 1:27

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  1. So beautiful! God gives amazing people amazing gifts!!!