Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nick- Part 2

     We pulled into the driveway and I whipped open the door. I ran onto the porch and up my stairs to the bedroom. “Ok. Here I am,” I whispered giving myself a pep talk. Then contractions started to hit so hard I was breathing through them. I yelled for Scott. I asked him to please give labor and delivery a call and see what they said. I texted my sister and said that I may need them to bring mom now. Scott came in and said labor and delivery said you could come in or wait until the contractions were more regular. Then I could feel one starting. Panic set in. This is it. And this is my 5th baby and I need to go. Now.
     After calling my mom, I went to wait on the front porch. Contractions were coming around every 3 minutes and my hospital is at least 30 minutes away. I couldn’t wait for 15 minutes for my mom. I asked Scott to go next door and ask the neighbors for help…at 11 o’clock at night. I saw Scott walk up to the porch. Mr. O opened the door. Not sure what Scott said, but it had the neighbor yelling to his wife, running across the yard, and waving his hand to go. I was in the van breathing through contractions already.
     We headed out. Scott of course started his crazy sprint. I alternated between begging him to slow down and then asking him why it was taking so long. I would tell him when a contraction was starting and he was timing them. We were down to about 2 and half minutes. As we raced to the hospital, we saw deer standing at the side of the road. Thankfully they decided to stay put. We were about 10 minutes from the hospital when things began to dim. Like the headlights. The inside lights. We were slowing down.
     “Theresa, the petal is to the floor.” We were slowing down. “What is going on?” I screeched. “I don’t know,” Scott answered. “But this isn’t good.” Ya, no kidding.


  1. Then what. You have a way of leaving a girl hanging.

  2. PS. he's beautiful. Congrats.

  3. nice...of course I want "the rest of the story" ... I'll be back...your ploy worked! :0)

  4. Thanks guys! ;) He is my angel.