Sunday, July 15, 2012

an emergency of sorts

Scott and I were in our room today when the door flung open and Rachel came screaming in. "It is an emergency!" Of course my heart stops. "Luke is cutting Bella's hair!" Scott runs out and makes it to the scene of the crime first. Yes, Luke did certainly cut her hair. When I made it to the room, I was greeted with a pair of scissors on the floor with long stands of Bella hair surrounding it. I will also note I first thought it was worse than it was since there was also a great deal of doll hair on the floor. Apparently he practiced on his sisters dolls before he tried the real thing. How thoughtful.

In my flipping out outrage, I asked him why in the world would he think it was ok to cut his sisters hair. He says it was because she asked him to. Either way, he honestly just wasn't getting it. We had to go right then to my mom's to pick up her car to borrow it.

After getting to my mom's, Scott had to leave for work. I called Luke over to talk to him. Asking him if he understood why he was in trouble? When I asked him "Luke, when are you going to start to listen to me," he gave me an answer that made me so happy. "I will listen when I turn 5." "SO this week when you will turn 5 you will wake up and just start listening." "Yep, that is why I cut her hair. I am not 5 yet." So there you have it. When my darling son turns 5 this week, everything will fall into place. 
Look I have bangs now. And yes, that is Luke in the background serving his lifetime sentence of time-out on the chair.

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  1. You might appreciate this similar experience.... I laughed hysterically, but then again, it wasn't my kid....this time....