Friday, June 15, 2012

VBS- take one

     Last week I stopped in the post office from the town I grew up in (where my mom still lives) and saw a sign for VBS at the church where I used to attend VBS so many moons ago. For one week of the summer, my brothers and I would jump out of bed, and with quarters in hand, attend the local united Methodist church's Vacation Bible School. We loved it! I still have such awesome memories of the songs we sang, crafts we did, and the lessons that were taught.
     It was pretty crazy tonight going in for the program and seeing the same little church with the same faded red carpet. They did the same pledges and sang some of the same songs. The closing song being "Jesus loves me" of course. My own kids sitting in the same pews we sat in so long ago.
     The same man who taught my class now runs the VBS program at the church. It is a very very small church in a very very small town, but this man presses on telling these kids about Jesus. I went in the basement to use the bathroom during the annual VBS hot dog roast. John, the man who patiently dealt with our antics so long ago and still was telling kids about the Bible was pulling out a bag of trash. I stopped before leaving and called his name. He looked up and smiled. I told him I remembered him teaching my class over 20 more years ago. He nodded and said he remembered. I told him that I just wanted to thank him for what he did. I really think our faith is the combined efforts of so many angels on earth. A seeded panted by one and then watered by another. And even more so I wanted to thank him for what he did this week. My kids loved it and heard  and grew a little more. He told me thank you so much. "You don't do it for pats on the back, but that means a lot. Because sometimes it gets hard." I nodded and got what he was saying. In any ministry, we sometimes step back and ask if we are really making a difference. I told him thanks again for everything and went back to burn marshmallows and chasing my kids through the grave yard. Again, Bakerton VBS traditions.
     So to all of you angels in children or youth ministry- Thank-you. From a former child/youth where your effort made a difference. Now from a mom trying to raise children to always look to Jesus. I thank-you.

Waiting for VBS program to start

My three superheros. This week they learned about heroes of the Bible

Luke said "Do you know that Jesus is the biggest superhero?"

Singing together

so sweet

Wonder Will

Burning..uummm toasting marshmallows

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