Thursday, June 14, 2012

Utrasound #3

     I went into my appointment a little nervous. I sat in the waiting room and an older woman smiled at me. She spoke broken engish and asked "your first baby?" I smiled and said "no fifth." She put her head back and laughed. "You look so young." "Well, thank-you very much." I guess you could say it certainly began on the upward swing.
     The tech was awesome. She asked if I was having any problems and I told her no. Then said "well we are looking for his positioning I guess. So that may be a problem. She began quickly and said "he is head down." Very confused I asked her again. She said his head is down and his butt is here (up by ribs) His hands are here (left side). I asked her what had happened. She asked if I had felt him move. No I didn't. He must have moved.
     His head though is not engaged or low yet. And he is measuring small. Although she asked me if I have small babies and I said usually high 6 pounds. She smiled and told me not to worry. This little guy was just going to be small like his brothers and sisters.
     Now, I am waiting for my appointment on Monday to talk with my doctor. See what is going on.
     I guess I am now at the waiting and nervous point. Way ready to have the baby. Nervous that it is time and all that means. And overwhelmed with to-do lists.

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