Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Morning Wondering

I was up since 4:00. I told husband that when he called heading home from work.
"why are you up?"
"I don't know. Just can't sleep"
"Ya just miss me."
When he finally arrives he brings me breakfast in bed. A custard coconut creme donut from Sheetz.
Scot- "I am going to invent something."
me- "Oh yeah?"
Scott- "A machine that evenly distributes the jelly inside a donut. This doesn't happen with cream or custard. Just jelly."
me- "Maybe it is the jelly consistency? Cream lends itself to spreading more easily."
Scott- Well, it is unfair to all of us Jelly eaters of the world. Either find a way to squirt in the jelly to have it evenly spaced or cut it and spread and put it back together."
me- "Why do they call a donut breakfast? It is basically eating cake."
Scott- "A donut is not cake. It is a breakfast pastry."
me- "Which is cake. Look at it. It has icing and sprinkles for crying out loud."
Scott- "Not cake."
me- "And how is this acceptable to us. Do we have dessert and call it a meal any other time of the day? Nope. I tell my kids food first but for breakfast we eat cake?"
Scott- "You need to sleep."
And after that very thought provoking discussion, I did. A very nice sleep. I guess I did miss him.

Clearly cake....

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  1. This made me hungry!!! I hope your little one turns and you don't have to have a c-section!!!