Monday, June 18, 2012

My kidisms

Me- "Bella, please, please don't make a mess."
Bella- "Mommy, please please don't tell me not to make a mess. I have to."
Me- I sound like a broken record player today. stop fighting..stop fighting....stop fighting
Luke- What is a record player?
Will- You just wouldn't get that movie Luke.
Me- Why is that?
Will- Because you have to understand awesomeness and he is not old enough yet.

I am now 37 weeks and a couple days. My ticker tells me this is 19 days from my due date. Hooray. I had my appointment today. Good news- I lost a pound. More good news Dr said his head is down and ready to go. Good boy. I figure my not so good news? "very, very soft, but no dilation yet." Then he smiled. He smiled...AGH....

I have never had an appointment this late when I wasn't dilating yet. I know this little guy may hold out until his due date. Heck, I am sure many many of you can tell me stories about how you went WEEKS...months even past yours. Please...don't. I also know how beyond blessed I am to be carrying this little guy to term. I get it all. But I will say I was a little disappointed. With my stomach issues coming full circle again, no sleep, and all that I would like to meet my little one sooner than later.

Speaking of no sleep, the night before my kids were up late. The kitten woke me up crying no less than 6 times before 2:30. I finally had to put her in the locked living room. Then Noah woke me up barking at 3:30.  Had to take care of him. Scott calls at 5:30 to say he is on his way home. I can't sleep until he is home. Then it is time to get up for appointment.

I spent the day tired. Which is probably why dinner was not so fun. I asked all four kids to make dinner but I had no takers. Looks like it is up to me. I decided to make spaghetti. Why yes I did just tell you my stomach was not doing so good. But I press on. Why was dinner not so fun? Why yes I did get sick. And yes Bella made a mess. But the real reason was because after I left the room my wonderful darling children decided to have a spaghetti noodle fight. Yes-let me repeat. A FOOD FIGHT with SPAGHETTI in my kitchen. I walked into it. Then when I told them they would be cleaning it up, my little 4 year old had the nerve to pout and say "why do we have to clean?"

It has been a long day. I write this because someday I will be looking back through my archives and say remember when and laugh about finding spaghetti even on the cat's scratching post in the hall. Even IN my bread box. On the side of the trash can. Someday. Not today. Today we all have an early bedtime.

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