Thursday, March 8, 2012

What to remember when going through the flu..

1. A good husband is key! Always good to have one that gives you Tylenol at all hours, runs for puke bucket, takes care of all kids and dog, goes to store for meds and brings you back cabury eggs for when you are feeling better.

2. Trying not to breathe or move doesn't stop puke. Especially when pregnant. It just makes your hip numb.

3. You wish you were peeing every half an hour again. Then husband wouldn't be threatening with the hospital and shoving water bottles in your face although you told him that you would drink when you felt better.

4. You know what I think about what when I am sick? People who struggling through Cancer treatments. Been praying non-stop for them. And heaven. Where their will be no more sickness and pain.

5. Must have both comfort and sheet handy. Again, husband is good for this. Since it hurts to move and even breathe, you must call each out to husband as you are freezing then sweating within five minutes of each other. Again, a patient husband is key.

6. It is good to work out a morse code signal you can do with your big toe to husband when sick. Cause when you really need him to turn off the scary movie cause you can hear it and you can't get his attention cause you can't more or you will die....He really need to realize to change the channel. You are NOT saying you need some water.

7. Also, work out morse code with children. When they come running in to pray with you and tell you how much they love you...this great. Unless it involves shaking bed and jumping on pain ridden body. Pray from a distance.

8. When trying to sleep do not get up if phone rings and no one is here. Who do you think it is? And 9 chances out of 10 it is someone annoying you with a free credit report.

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