Saturday, March 3, 2012

Here we are

March 3rd? Wow! Time flies....well, it just always flies doesnt' it?
My little world updates...
1. I am 22 weeks pregnant. TWENTY-TWO weeks. Little guy/girl has been all over the place. I am still sick. At my appointment on March 9th we will FINALLY schedule my ultrasound.
2. For Valentine's Day my amazing husband got me a kindle fire. Which is amazing. I currently have 30 books on it. 3 of which I paid for. A-MAZ-ING
3. PSSA are in 4 school days. For those of you who might not know (meaning you don't teach public school) this is a big deal. A pretty big stinkin' big deal. But on the upside, after the big test (which takes place in four school days...did I mention that?) we have an ice cream sundae party. Everything feels better with ice cream.
4. We are tossing around the beach this summer. Remember-being 22 weeks pregnant- mean my little angel will arrive in the beginning of July. SO..I have began to think about maybe skipping the beach and making my backyard into paradise. Meaning pool, trampoline, new sand (classy like that), and not sure what else will fit. If I feel like I can't take a summer without the beach perhaps a long weekend?
5. We also bought a new bed. With a new mattress. And new sheets. You know what I love more than my new kindle? My new bed!

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